Did-you-know: TADA! uses environmentally friendly spray-technology?

Most spray-canisters, such as deodorants and insecticides, contain toxic volatile gases to propagate their contents. That’s bad for the environment. TADA! runs on oxygen!

Did-you-know: you can save a lot of water with TADA! 

It’s obvious that you can save water if you use TADA! as you’ll use your washing machine less often.
The active molecules in TADA! attach themselves to the foul-smelling particles and change them into new molecules that smell fresh and clean.

Did-you-know: TADA! works in any direction?

The nozzle has been specially developed to spray evenly from any angle over the whole surface of your clothes.

They tried TADA! Why don’t you?


Travel tip

I always throw a bottle of TADA! into my suitcase so I can take clothes that would normally be left at home. Now I never have to leave my favourite blouses and dresses at home because TADA! will get rid of the creases for me!


My holiday ritual

I pack my clothes really carefully so that they come out with as few creases as possible for me, ironing on holiday’s just a waste of time so I’ve got an alternative solution: TADA!


Not so much of a morning rush!

Getting everyone out of the house and myself to a meeting is a major operation. Especially when I notice my dress is creased… Fortunately, I can remove these creases with a quick spray of TADA! which is much quicker than getting my daughter to finish her breakfast!


A great time saver

I’ve always found changing from my summer to winter wardrobe a bit of a nightmare. Getting everything out of the boxes, putting it in the wash, then having to iron it…Pfft! But now that I use TADA! everything’s back on the hangers in half the time. Crease-free and nice and fresh – without needing to wash or iron it!


TADA! is the best

My kids often just shove their clothes back in the wardrobe or chuck them in a heap on the floor.
I don’t want to be ironing all of the time. So if we’re going anywhere special I just give them a quick TADA! and they’re ready to go again.


It’s really handy

If we’re going to my parents for Sunday dinner, we often come away smelling of their dog. I used to have to chuck everything in the wash when we got home. Now, I just spray TADA! on everything and it’s fresh and ready to go again.


A great deal!

When travelling for work, I want to make a good impression and creased-up clothes aren’t the way to do this. My wife gave me a bottle of TADA! a quick spray and my shirts and deals go smoothly!